Corgo Industries launches its new line of Gas and Oil products.

While some may seem familiar, like the line of COR-5109 Tool Buckets and the COR -600 lift bags. There are many new products in the works and others in the fields. Our line of the COR-350 HYD lift bags have the capacity to be modified for either lifting or ground transport. Here you can keep your hydraulic pump, hose and torque equipment in one enclosed bag. Equipment carry bags for hose or torque tools are made to measure. Rope bags that come in a variety of sizes. The ever expanding line of the COR-911 series of emergency first aid and responders bags has been modified as well.

Whether working on a platform, scaffold, reservoir or rig, Corgo Industries has the right Gas and Oil equipment for your teams.

Our entire line of tool bags, buckets, leather goods and lift bags are all load rated for your protection the seams are all rated and the materials are all cold crack tested. Lift bags, Tool buckets, Tool holders, and hose and hydraulic equipment bags are all available in the sizes and load capacities that you require. You do NOT have to buy the sizes that are mentioned in our catalogue: YOU can design and have your products that suit YOUR needs. That’s what CORGO INDUSTRIES can do for you. ”QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR QUALITY WORK!”